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The Gigantic Joy of Collage
with Lynn Whipple

2-Day Workshop, May 12-13, 2012
in Studio CRESCENDOh

Join Lynn Whipple in this magical 2-day experience to learn groovy ways to glue, age, paint, design, and alter found images and add drawing to collage. Lynn's uniquely whimsical and joyful approach to collage is what you will learn, within a class dynamic that is fun, meaningful, and a little bit silly.

WHAT TO EXPECT: "This will be a great weekend with tons of one-on-one attention and LOTS of laughter, discovery, and creativity. I will demonstrate many techniques such as my favorite gluing methods, aging tricks, drawing and design ideas, storytelling in collage, machine- and hand-stitching and tips to make a great "finish." This class will yield lots of complete finished collages as well as exciting breakthroughs and AHA moments." — Lynn Whipple


  • Arrive & Settle: 8:30 :: Time for students to arrive, settle in, and grab a cup of coffee.
  • Class Segment A: 9:00-12:00 :: Class time with Lynn who will demonstrate and guide the 1st part of class.
  • Lunch & Stroll: 12:00 PM :: You can choose to brown bag it or take a stroll to one of the many hip and artsy eateries in the historic Artist's Village in Santa Ana, like The Gypsy Den, or Lola Gaspar.
  • Class Segment B: 1:30-4:00 PM :: Class time with Lynn who will guide the 2nd part of class.
  • Show & Tell, Clean-Up & Depart: 4:00-5:00 PM

MATERIALS & TOOLS PROVIDED: The Studio will provide each student with two quality canvas panels from four available sizes. The Studio will also provide two 9" x 12" Strathmore Canvas Paper, and have on hand sewing machines for students to use (for light stitching), plenty of Liquitex Gloss Medium (Lynn's collage adhesive of choice), and several colors of house paint (Lynn's collage paints of choice).

WHAT YOU SHOULD BRING: You should bring your stash of great collage stuff! Things like old book pages and covers, maps, scraps of interesting fabrics, ledger pages, old letters, great looking and inspiring old photographs (Lynn likes to photocopy photos in color on heavier paper, so you keep your originals and change the size of your images), any "found" paper you like, wrapping, patterned, construction paper in colors you like, doilies, kids' drawings, stuff from old magazines, scrabble letters or anagram letters, odd bits and pieces and parts that would be wonderful on your collage. You can bring metal or heavy bits, buttons, old jewelry or beads as well, as we can attach most things. You will also need your BASIC TOOL KIT as follows:

  • Scissors
  • Sharp craft knife (and cutting mat if you like to use one)
  • Small ruler
  • Pencils (I love a 3B for smudging)
  • Paintbrushes (some throw-away or chip brushes, 1- or 2-inch size) and some small size brushes (number 4–8, not expensive, these will be for detail work and painting around images)
  • Your favorite tubes of acrylic paint (I like the inexpensive Liquitex BASICS acrylic color brand and I am a fan of Cadmium Red Deep hue and I use Raw Umber for aging, and whatever other colors that make you happy!)
  • Needle & thread
  • Apron or "work clothes"
  • Rubber stamps and stamp pads (alphabets are always good, and whatever else you have that reflect your sense of adventure and humor!)

TEACHER WILL PROVIDE: I will bring my stash of papers, some photographs copied on heavy paper, and cool stuff to share. I'll bring bondo spreaders (for collaging), sewing tools for my dot-dot-dot, dip pens and ink, and my own kit with extra scissors and stuff, red and black thread for the sewing machines, needles, 3B pencils, some wire and sandpaper and brushes ... and more!


  • Lynn will have a limited number of original art items on hand for those interested in purchasing her art.
  • Due to limited class size, the spot for this class is transferable but payment is non-refundable. Please read about this policy in our Studio Policies.

Please read class policies for Studio CRESCENDOh here. By purchasing this class, you are agreeing to abide by the class policies.

Lynn Whipple is a celebrated artist whose processes include painting, drawing, sewing, altered images, writing, and using bee's wax in encaustic. lives in Winter Park, Florida with her beloved artist husband, John Whipple. View more of her work at

SATURDAY, MAY 12–13, 2012
Price :: 348


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