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Jenny Doh

Jenny Doh

Jenny Doh

Jenny Doh


Jenny Doh

Jenny Doh

Jenny Doh

Oil Painting by Heart:
Magical Portraits

with Jenny Doh

1-Day Workshop, offered on two different dates:

Saturday, November 28, 2015
November 30, 2015
(Please note at time of purchase which date you'd like to enroll in. If you want to come both dates, please purchase this class two times.)

Location: Studio CRESCENDOh

207 N. Broadway St., Suite L, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Oil paints perform very differently than acrylic paints. Interestingly, the more I understand oils, the better I understand acrylics, and vice versa. Oils take much longer to dry, which opens up many opportunites when it comes to painting portraits. I love how the oil paints can dance and with the slightest movement of a few bristles of a paintbrush, to create amazing results.

In this workshop, we will use reference photos of potraits that you bring to class. With these references, I will show you how I prepare my substrate and then how I create overall strokes to plan the face and then fill in details in a manner that captures the essence of the face, and not just the likeness.

Though we will discuss concepts of realism, what we will be aiming for is magical reaism, where features are suggested rather than explicitly illustrated. We will create works that are truly magical and other-worldly.


  • Arrive & Settle: 9:00 :: Time to arrive, and settle in.
  • Class Segment A: 9:30-12:00 :: Class time with Jenny who will demonstrate and guide the 1st part of class.
  • Lunch & Stroll: 12:00 PM :: You can choose to brown bag it or take a stroll to one of the many hip and artsy eateries in the historic Artist's Village in Santa Ana, like C4 Deli, Chapter One, Paninoteca, Boldo, 4th Street Market, Cafe Calacas, and The Gypsy Den.
  • Class Segment B: 1:30-4:30 PM :: Class time with Jenny who will guide the 2nd part of class.
  • Show & Tell, Clean-Up & Depart: 4:30-5:00 PM


  • Reference photos of people's faces (magazines or photos)
  • 1 or 2 or 3 Ampersand Gessobord (cradled or flat): Two sizes that I like using are 5 x 7, and 8 x 8 inches. You actually only need one for the class but having a couple extra on hand is also a good idea in case you need to take a break from the first one and work on a second one. I frequently do this, as taking a break from one painting usually helps me to come up with solutions to problems that I run into while working on something else.
  • 1 small palette knife
  • Paintbrushes:
  • Palette or palette paper (Also, the studio will have a small supply of handmade palettes made of wood for sale)
  • Kemper Wipe out Tool (optional)
  • Oil paints
    • UTRECHT Artists' Colors: Unbleached Titanium
    • GAMBLIN: Titanium White, Caucasian Flesh Tone, Burnt Umber,
    • TREKELL: Ivory Black

(These colors above are must-haves in my opinion. I encourage you to try all three brands: Utrecht, Gamblin, and Trekell. In addition to these colors, I encourage you to pick up some other ones that are bright and that call your name ... a blue, a yellow, a red and any others, from whichever brand you like. If you have oil paints from different manufacturers, they will be just fine. I just have experience with the brands that I name here.)

  • Easel (the studio will have metal easels that can be used during class. If you have a sturdy wooden table easel like this one (that I have and love), you may want to bring it, as it will provide greater stability as you work.


  • If you would prefer, the studio can provide a kit of all supplies that you need in order to paint so that you do not have to bring anything to class, except your reference photos and yourself. Please email jenny at to make these arranagements.
  • The studio will privide walnut oil medium, small containers, paper towels, and paintbrush cleaner for all enrolled participants.
  • Jenny will have her art and her books for sale.
  • Due to limited class size, the spot for this class is transferable but payment is non-refundable. Please read about this policy in our Studio Policies.

Please read class policies for Studio CRESCENDOh here. By purchasing this class, you are agreeing to abide by the class policies.

Jenny Doh is a working artist, and author.

Jenny Doh

SATURDAY, November 28, 2015 or MONDAY, November 30, 2015
(Please add a note at time of purchase which date you would like to attend.
You can also choose to purchase and attend both days. If you do, you can just continue practicing what you have learned the first day. To enroll in both days, please buy this item two times and send an email to me to let me know.)
Price :: 86


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