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This is an instant watch online course.

Upon enrollment, you will receive a FREE Crafting Fitness Kit that includes: Crafting Fitness binder with coordinating tabs, paper package filled with (vintage wallpaper, ledger paper, sheet music of vintage wallpaper, vintage ledger paper, book pages), and graphite pencil.

You will also have exclusive access to all of the videos and class-specific materials including:

  • 5 self-paced sections of creative instruction and motivational coaching
  • video tutorials (1-2 each sections)
  • unique journal prompts and related collage projects that will help solidify lessons learned from prompts
  • valuable PDF downloads
  • final binder with key concepts and crafted lessons to keep, treasure, and use as a long-term motivational tool

The only other items that you will need to have ready for class are: either a journal or computer in which you'll write responses to the journal prompts, glue stick, scissors, ruler, collage items (like magazines, stickers, glue, string, etc.), colored pencils, and pedometer.


  • Listed below are some links to pedometer options. Please select one that you like and become familiar how to use it prior to class.
  • This class is designed for students who have the physical ability to walk. If you are unable to walk, you are still welcome to join the class to gain the principles taught in relation to walking that you can apply to alternative exercise options that you and/or your physician select.
  • This class utilizes principles that emphasize food portion control, and reduced consumption of fats, sugars, and salt. If you suffer from medical conditions of a serious nature, or if you are interested in losing considerable weight, please consult your doctor before, during, and after this class to ensure that you are tending to your specific medical conditions properly.
  • This class also strengthens critical thinking, discernment between deliberate and passive behaviors, strengthens will power, discipline, and focus.
  • The first two weeks of class will focus on theory, and assessment of each person's baseline patterns in relation to diet and exercise. Starting with week three and thereafter, students will be challenged to significantly modify diet and exercise habits.

Pedometer Links:

Only if you are ready to work hard, only if you know that there is no magic ... just hard work ... then you are invited to join Crafting Fitness.

Price :: 98

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