Charity Reverse Auction for Japan
All Proceeds Benefit The American Red Cross
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We are proud to present our Charity Reverse Auction for Japan. Rather than asking you to outbid the last bidder, which is what happens in traditional auctions, a reverse auction invites you to purchase one-of-a-kind art right now. Here's how it works: WEEK 1, each item will be available for sale at $250. WEEK 2, each item will be available for sale at $200. We will continue to reverse the price until each piece reaches $50, at which time we will leave the items up for additional weeks until all items are sold. There is a chance that the price of your favorite piece will reverse next week, but also a chance that someone else might buy it before the price is reversed.

The devastation that the people of Japan have experienced as a result of the recent earthquake and Tsunami is unimaginable. In the face of such tragedy, the best of humanity comes forth with efforts to find unique ways to help. We are grateful for the generosity and support of the contributing artists.

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer   Lisa Bebi   Flora Bowley
by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
  Coded Gold & About One
by Lisa Bebi
  Connect Between
by Flora Bowley
Alisa Burke   Pam Carriker   Danita
Hope Grows Here
by Alisa Burke
  There Are No Words
by Pam Carriker
  With Love
by Danita
Jenny Doh   Lisa Engelbrecht   Pam Garrison
Rocks of Love
by Jenny Doh
  Compassion & Perhaps
by Lisa Engelbrecht
  Hope for Japan
by Pam Garrison
  Tracie Lyn Huskamp   Rachel Emilie Jackson
by Tim Holtz
by Tracie Lyn Huskamp
by Rachel Emilie Jackson
Mindy Lacefield   Stephanie Lee   Charlotte Lyons
We Sing of Hope
by Mindy Lacefield
  Brothers and Sisters
by Stephanie Lee
by Charlotte Lyons
Misty Mawn   Laurie Mika   Lynne Perrella
by Misty Mawn
by Laurie Mika
  Faithfully Yours
by Lynne Perrella
Lesley Riley   Kelly Rae Roberts   Cynthia Shaffer
Reserves of Faith
by Lesley Riley
by Kelly Rae Roberts
by Cynthia Shaffer
Becky Shander   Roben-Marie Smith   Carla Sonheim
by Becky Shander
  Art Journal
by Roben-Marie Smith
by Carla Sonheim
Rebecca Sower   Linda Trenholm   Michelle Ward
Hope Springs Eternal
by Rebecca Sower
  A Time of Chaos
by Linda Trenholm
  Returning Friendship
by Michelle Ward
Linda Warlyn   Lynn Whipple    
Rise Renewal
by Linda Warlyn
by Lynn Whipple

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