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What is art? Is it paint on canvas? Pencil on paper? Yarn on needles?

We at CRESCENDOh believe that art is all of that and more. Art is what comes out of each of us, as we use our diverse spectrum of talent to elevate and beautify our lives. Art can be a quilt ... a collage ... a rubber stamped card ... a poem ... a musical performance ... a well-loved garden ... a delicious meal ... a warm conversation. Art is what gets us through the moment, the hour, the day, the years, the lifetime. Yes indeed, ART SAVES.

ART SAVES stories are omnipresent ... because each of us has one. And the thing about stories is that we all love telling them, and we all love hearing them. Through the Guest Curator department, CRESCENDOh will facilitate the telling of some amazing ART SAVES stories from our beloved art community. Read ART SAVES stories by our Guest Curators here.

Through our Readers Share department, we will also unearth important ART SAVES stories from readers from around the globe, whose stories will make us laugh, cry, think, and most importantly, realize that we are all connected. Read ART SAVES stories by our Readers here.

Through the sharing of these stories, we will all become wiser, more inspired, and better equipped to become the best that each of us can be. This process will undoubtedly allow us to shine light onto the numerous unsung heroes and entities that interface the myriad characters within the stories.

To illustrate the power of art, CRESCENDOh is proud to offer a special collection of ART SAVES merchandise within our online shop. All ART SAVES merchandise is branded with the ART SAVES logo or designated for the ART SAVES program, and 100 percent of proceeds from our ART SAVES merchandise is given back annually to our charity of choice. For 2011, CRESCENDOh's Charity of Choice is:

Many thanks to artist Michelle Ward ( for designing our ART SAVES logo.

  • Shop for ART SAVES merchandise here.
  • Read Guest Curator ART SAVES stories here.
  • Read Readers Share ART SAVES stories here.

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