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  • We value our diversely talented artists who regularly share on our site, their heartfelt stories, links to interesting sites, and innovative projects, techniques, and creative ideas.
  • We values our advertisers. We are committed to listening to your needs and working with you to develop and place ads that optimize results.

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    OH, THE PLACES WE'RE GOING & PEOPLE WE'RE REACHING Since our official public launch on 3/1/2010, our readership has steadily increased. We currently have 30,000+ backlinks (sites linking to our site), and score a 4 out of 10 in Google's PageRank Index. Here is a monthly average snapshot of our robust online traffic, per Google Analytics:

    • Pageviews per month: 124,000+
    • Visits per month: 68,000+
    • Unique visitors per month: 40,000+

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    Your ad displays on the right side of all pages throughout the site. This option is great for businesses looking to build brand awareness, increase overall site traffic or for general promotional messaging.

    • Ad Specifications: 140 x 140 square (72 pixel resolution)
    • Cost: $45/week
    • NOTES:
      • Agreements for multi-month advertising qualify for discounts and value-added opportunities. Please contact us for that information.
      • All sidebanner advertisers will be spotlighted on our blog.
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    This option is great for store owners, event hosts, and workshop instructors, as the ad features stores, retreats, workshops, online courses, and other gatherings. Your ad displays within the body of the home page that then gets archived in Daily Archives, with a 140 x 140 square graphic of your event that links directly to your event site. Approximately 15 words of text also accompanies this space.

    • Ad Specifications: 140 x 140 square (72 pixel resolution)
    • Display Period: One week (beginning on a Monday and ending on a Sunday)
    • Cost: $24/week
    • NOTES:
      • All The Place to Be advertisers will be spotlighted on our blog.
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    Display your message with our monthly Editor's Letter that reaches our 3000+ (and always growing) subscriber base through RatePoint. This option is ideal for timely messages, such as sale announcements, product launches, giveaways, and exclusive offers for subscribers.
    • Main Video: Ad Specifications: 200 x 160 rectangle (72 pixel resolution) with up to 30 words of text, including a link to your video. Cost: $250
    • Creative Partner: Ad Specifications:140 x 140 square (72 pixel resolution) with up to 15 words of text. Cost: $120
    • Totally hOT: 140 x 140 square (72 pixel resolution) with up to 15 words of text. Cost: $120
    • VALUE ADDED: All ads are embedded in our monthly e-Newsletter and delivered to the email boxes of each of our subscribers, and then archived on our home page 3 weeks after delivery, which allows our readers to revisit your ad again and again, as all links remain live and active. Click here to see our past Editor's Letters.
    • NOTES:
      • We are committed to limiting communication to our subscribers to no more than once per week, to preserve the integrity of our subscriber list and the value of our messages.
      • All Editor's Letter Advertisers will be spotlighted on our blog.
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    In addition to the above, we offer opportunities for enhanced content advertising by strategically placing your messages throughout our site. Please contact us at to learn about enhanced content advertising rates and opportunities.

    If you are interested in purchasing ad space, but need assistance to develop your advertisement, we can help. Our creative team offers ad design services starting at only $30 per ad.* *Price includes up to 30 minutes (including revisions) of graphic design services for a single ad. Additional design time will be billed at $15 per each 15 minute increment or portion thereof.


    In order to provide a positive experience for all users, CRESCENDOh has established content guidelines for our advertisements. Please click here to read our Advertising Standards.

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